Here is what the press has said about Cherry Bomb:

“You go, grrrl. Rock n roll isn’t just a musical genre; it’s a mentality.”
– Vogue Fashion Rocks

“Think of it as a cool girl’s guide to life.”
-CosmoGirl! magazine

“For the barely legal Hot Topic generation, this lil’ purple and black confection might just be life-changing.”
-LA Weekly

“Borzillo flips the idea of a “girl guide” head over spiked heels and delivers an encyclopedia of awesomeness for gals who aren’t afraid to take life into their own hands and live by their own rules.”

“It’s a wickedly funny, informative and alternately sexy and cute book… Carrie is indeed an expert and an authority on how to be a chick who rocks and her tone is always affectionate and supportive of her fellow femmes and she never adopts a snarky, ironic or sarcastic tone.”
-Hit Parader magazine

“Borzillo shines in this funny, smart and unabashed tribute to the inner rock goddess in all of us.”
-Pasadena magazine

“Carrie Borzillo has taken the fluffy and tired genre known as “grrrl guides” (the girl-powery nonfiction sister to chick lit) and given it claws – black, of course.”
-LA Weekly

“Few books explode with the passionate joie de vivre of Carrie Borzillo’s Cherry Bomb.” -Connecticut magazine

“With plenty of off-the-wall references and lots of good advice, this is a book that should please girls of all kinds”-Curve

“Cherry Bomb delivers on all its promises and does impart relevant and easy to follow tips on how to become a better flirt, tougher chick and hotter girlfriend. The tips are practical and easily doable, no matter who you are or what kind of budget you are on.”
– blog

“Borzillo has given a voice to young adults that is nonexistent in the self help/guide book category.”
-Play New Haven magazine

“Borzillo-Vrenna has made her mark in lifestyle books. She was put on twist on life that is refreshing and new.”
-Lumino magazine

“The book is fun, edgy and witty.”
-The Observer

“For women who want to make it in the all too male-dominated music industry – and music journalism in particular – writer Carrie Borzillo is an inspiration.” -PopDose

“It’s empowering to a whole new generation of girls from those who have “been there.” -Gothic Beauty